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Retro-Tronics Frequently Asked Questions

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Why don't you print/silk screen your reproduction radio backs? This is something we very much would like to do but not an area of expertise of ours. We do intend to explore doing this in the future. In many cases we do provide reproduction paper labels and some of our backs are painted.

Do you have a reproduction back for the brand X, model Y TV or radio? If we have it, it's listed on the web site. If we don't have it but you are willing to help us by lending us an original back (damaged OK) or by providing a measured drawing we can usually do this for you for about $30.00.

If you would like an estimate for a custom back, email the following information to dan@retro-tronics.com with subject line: "Quotation Request".
  • Make/brand name of your radio
  • Model number of your radio
  • Approximate dimensions of the back of your radio
  • A photo of the back of your radio
  • Whether you will provide a drawing or original back

Why are some of your radio backs a different color to the original? Many of the originals were made of brown paper (or some other pattern/color) laminated to chip board (the stuff that is left over after you use up a pad of paper). While chipboard is still available, it is no longer available with any kind of paper laminated to it. We have made what we believe are reasonable substitutes where we can't duplicate the original look.

Where can I find those T shaped fasteners that were used to attach some radio backs? I have been told that these were called "trimouts". These items have been reproduced and are available at Renovated Radios.

How do I attach the Philco Hippo type backs to the radio? The Philco Hippo (46-420, 48-460) backs are clipped to the case using a spring clip that is, unfortunately, no longer available. As with the trimouts, we are looking for suitable substitutes. If you have a suggestion, please let us know by using the ask a question link to the left.

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